Carleton University – Tory Renovation

Project Value:$20.5 Million


The scope of the Tory Building renovation consisted of a full building analysis and decommissioning plan focussed on the biohazards that were being used in the building over many years of Chemistry and Biology Lab use. ZW lead the team of consultants in this endeavour which started with a lab analysis and testing of every room within the 150,000 sq. ft. building. With the decommissioning plan in place the building underwent a complete decommissioning and cleansing prior to the start of demolition.

The demolition was performed right down to the structure of the building, leaving the concrete floors and columns exposed. The exterior of the building was also demolished and the reconstruction began. The Tory Building, being the first building built on Campus had a historical value in the mosaic that enclosed the “egg” theatre Classroom within the centre of the building. This mosaic was re-constructed by the original artist and unveiled during the building’s grand re-opening after construction. The Tory Building is multi-use, the 1st floor being Biology Labs (wet, dry and fume hoods), 2nd floor being Classrooms, 3rd floor for Student Administrative Services, 4th floor for Administrative Groups, and the 5th Floor being the President and Senior Management Offices.