OMCIAA P4 Surface Parking Lot – Revitalization

Project Value:$3 Million


ZW was hired to manage this project from the planning and procurement phase through to the opening in 2013.

Photo by Morgan Hotston

The Parking Needs Assessment conducted by OMCIAA at the time of the Parkade Expansion identified that the surface Lot P4 was overflowing at peak times. It was determined that this lot could be revitalized and would increase the number of spaces substantially. Included within this project was a new signage program developed to easily identify parking rows and assist passengers in finding their vehicles upon their return. Additional security cameras and new entrance equipment and snow gates were also a requirement.

The project had to be conducted within a phased plan to ensure that this lot was at least 60% available at all times. Overflow at peak times were directed to the new Parkade expansion and accommodated there.

The project was completed in 3 phases with traffic being diverted around the areas under construction. The work was started in the summer and was completed within budget and by the end of that same year.