Our Approach

We are skilled at developing strategies to help our clients achieve the best value and schedule performance while maintaining the highest quality outcome. We bring extensive construction expertise and the technical resources required to provide sound guidance and management in all phases of the project cycle. Our approach is to provide realistic planning based on our experience and then provide the leadership to execute the mandate. Our approach to any project is to supply proficient managers who will develop a management plan which will assist in delivering the project according to the criteria of quality, budget and schedule mandated by the client.

Experienced Professional Managers

ZW has a large number of highly trained and experienced managers.

Our team of experienced project managers includes those who are PMP Certified, LEED accredited, professional engineers, cost estimators, quality assurance specialists, risk managers, & accounting professionals. This diversity brings a broad range of expertise and in-depth technical skills to our assignments which are drawn upon to the best advantage of our clients.


We provide stewardship, which comprises the processes and systems to establish and maintain quality in each phase of the project life cycle.

It is a philosophy that embraces all activities through which the needs and expectations of the client, and the objectives of the organization, are satisfied in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We structure our management plan to provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations through a structured, systematic process for creating organizational participation in planning and implementing quality improvements. Quality plans are constantly updated and improved through “lessons learned” exercises conducted regularly on our projects.


We can provide independent validation of an owner’s budget. The anticipated costs of the work are regularly updated and compared to the approved budget. Variances are noted and if necessary value engineering exercises conducted to maintain the budget.

We can provide updated budget/cost management reviews and reports to financial institutions if required.


We understand the importance of realistic, detailed schedule management. Our managers are highly trained to both validate and manage existing schedules as well as develop new overall master schedules.

In managing these aspects of a project we take a risk assessment and mitigation approach, at both the operational and strategic level.