Carleton University – Fire Research Facility

Project Value:$7.5 Million


Between 2000 and 2007, ZW assisted Carleton University in completing 17 separate new construction and renovation projects to expand and revitalize the campus. Many of the projects in this $250M program ran concurrently and on fast-tracked schedules. The Fire Research Facility was part of this revitalization. ZW provided project management services for this multi-burn facility that allows the investigation, filming, and documentation of the way fire reacts to various materials in certain spaces.

Photos courtesy of NCR site and Carleton University

Carleton University partnered up with the National Research Council (NCR) in order to construct a new fire research facility adjacent to existing NCR facilities in Almonte, Ontario.

The new facilities include a 10-storey Atrium which will aid in investigating smoke management in high-rise buildings and buildings that contain large-volume spaces, a new Burn Hall, and a tunnel which will allow observations and testing on realistic stimulated roadway and transit tunnel fires.

This facility is the first of it’s kind in the world, and will provide many learning experiences to those in the Fire Safety Engineering Program.