Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility

Project Value:$50 Million


ZW provided full Project Management services for this project, which included management of a various different areas of the project; to name a few: planning and design stages, schedule, budget, and procurement.

Photos courtesy of Stantec

The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) is a new health care centre built to serve the community of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. The SIHF is replacing the existing Maple Creek Hospital (20 beds), Cypress Lodge Nursing Home (48 beds), and the Maple Creek Primary Health Care Clinic.

The new 80,000 square foot integrated health care facility provides a range of health care services such as acute care, inpatient care, community health services, diagnostic services as well as a 48-bed long term care center. The SIHF also provides opportunity for patients to connect to specialists outside of their own community through the use of technologies such as tele-health. The SIHF is a facility based on the principles of Lean methodology creates a unique, improved model of care for residents of the southwest.